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  • Los Angeles Times
    When the California Public Utilities Commission recommended 17 months ago that a gas-fired power plant on the Redondo Beach waterfront remain open beyond 2020 — over the objections of local officials and clean energy activists — Commissioner Martha Guzman Aceves made a commitment to the city’s mayor.
  • EdSource
    Hermosa Beach School District, an elementary district south of Santa Monica, laid off its only PE teacher in February. In Capistrano Unified in Orange County, about half the PE teachers have been reassigned, leaving some remaining PE teachers with rosters ...
  • Easy Reader
    Kevin Cody Phil Becker and Mike Eaton grew up on the Peninsula, across the street from one another, and retired near to one another on the Big Island of Hawaii. Between those
  • KPCC
    Hermosa Beach has a limit of two cats or dogs per household, and it is enforcing it by ordering Betty Starr and Steve Fry to remove two of their four cats, citing the city's municipal code.Similar ...
  • Psychology Today
    This is an extraordinary time (COVID-19) for us all. If you need a reduced rate, no problem. :) Let's talk. 626-290-2240. You are not alone. I am now open to new clients! :D During this ...
  • MSN
    The sunny states feature tons of coastal destinations and towns, with Stacker ranking Manhattan Beach at No. 39, Dana Point at No. 28, Coronado at No. 26, San Mateo at No. 25, Santa Cruz at No. 22, Seal Beach at No. 19, Hermosa Beach at No. 18, San ...
  • Beach Reporter
    Sharks are hanging around some of Southern California’s busiest beaches – and they are closer than you think. No need to cue the “Jaws” song, they don’t seem to be much interested in the ...
  • Beach Reporter
    For decades, an unknown number of barrels of hazardous chemicals have sat on the ocean's floor just miles off the Palos Verdes Peninsula, worrying scientists and environmentalists. But now, a team ...
  • MSN
    Want to add to your family and give back to the Hermosa Beach community at the same time? Adopt a dog, cat or other animal from a local shelter! During the COVID-19 pandemic, shelters in the ...
  • YAHOO!News
    When 99.9% of junk mail is tossed into the garbage without even a curious look, how is that helping the mail service, much less the environment?
  • Beach Reporter
    Extending outdoor dining beyond the coronavirus pandemic and reducing homelessness were among the key issues five candidates for a vacated City Council seat discussed at a forum this week.
  • Beach Reporter
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